“Dr. Skowron and I have been colleagues for many years working in close partnership in the care of many patients. Many times I have witnessed her treatments be the catalyst needed for profound healing and transformation in her patients. As an acupuncturist, I find her work invaluable for patients that struggle with an array of psychological, mental and emotional concerns. Specifically, I have found that the tools that she is able to teach and enable her patients with have been the critical resources needed to handle difficult challenges and transitions in life. In addition, her deep understanding of mindfulness and its application, mixed with her talent to teach it, make for fantastic results. I would trust Dr. Skowron with the care of even my closest family.”
Cory Jecmen
“Annyck Besso is a phenomenal Nutritionist. I recommend her in a heartbeat. She is highly knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease discussing your challenges. She listens, she encourages you to see the strength within yourself, and she is truly kind. If you have any questions or difficulties, especially relating to Nutrition, she is the one you want to see.”
Liette Brisebois
“Dr. Doshi has put together an incredible team of psychologists and dietitians. I've collaborated in care of clients with them, and I’d 100% trust any of the providers at MBH to support someone I cared about. The care is compassionate and also science-backed. Yes please.”
Shawn Hondorp, Ph.D.
“Dr. Patel is a very skilled and knowledgeable psychologist. I feel confident referring clients to her. She is warm, approachable, and compassionate. I trust they will receive the utmost care and attention when working with her”
Sonia Kotecha, LICSW/LCSW
“I have closely worked with Dr. Neha Pancholi Patel and she is such a dedicated, compassionate and down to earth person, which is what makes her a great therapist. She uses evidence-based practice and brings in the best resources for her clients. She is always readily available to collaborate with the client's treatment team which speaks of her dedication towards the well-being of every individual that she serves.”
Sheetal Joshi, MD
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